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Upcoming Automotive Technologies in 2018

An Automobile (or a car) has become an essential part of human life. The Automobile Industry is growing day-by-day all thanks to the new technology. Automobile Industry has changed a lot now, there has been an immense change. The way Automobile was in 17th century is way different from its current state. Alot of different features are Added in the Automobile very often. In 2018, many companies are planning to launch some very new features to their Automobiles. In this year, nearly a dozen companies have been registered as presenters of self driving technology, and are hoped to bring up more AI and user friendly Technologies in their vehicles. While the entire list would be too vast to list here, we look at some of the best upcoming technology concepts that will be presented at the Consumer Electronics Show of 2018:

1) 360° Rotation Camera In my opinion, One of most useful Technology that is going to be launched this year is 360° Camera. Better recording of the drive, Traffic view and there are many more benefits of this feature. As the camera captures every single side of the vehicle one can easily get the view of the surrounding while driving on his fingertips easily. Some Automotive Companies have tested this feature successfully.

2) LED/Xenon Headlights At night, the only thing that saves you from an accident is Headlight. In past years, LED lights are used in place of traditional bulbs. But, now Xenon lights will be used in the headlight system of automobiles, as it is vast. Xenon lights spread more to corners and has a better focus than other LED lights. Mitsubishi motors has already installed Xenon Headlights this year.

3) Lane Departure Warning Another very useful features going to be installed this year is Lane Departure Warning. Whenever we cross the side or just drift across the lane then, this features let’s you know that whether the car is across the lane or not. It uses the Side vision camera of the Car and thus, notify you about it on the screen of the Car.

4) Teen Driver Technology This feature is very useful as it helps parents to have full details about the driving experience of the child. It helps the children to drive the car safely and will teach him many important lesson of driving. Hence, it is a feature that makes parents tension free.

5) Continental wireless micro charging Another mind blowing features that technology brings to us is Wireless micro charging. This features will charge the battery and your gadgets with the wireless charging system provided in the car. It’s another great features which will help user in many ways this year.

6) Adaptive Cruise Control Adaptive Cruise Control also called Automatic Cruise Control is one of those essential features that protects the vehicle from sudden speed accident. It’s the feature that allows the vehicle to automatically control the speed of vehicle while it is immense traffic. In 2018, Many Automobile companies are adding this features to their vehicles as to make it more safe.

7) Rear Cross Traffic Alert Parking a car is a very common thing to do but, also places for low speed car crashes. Many times we just park our car in a right way yet, it hits something and got scratches and that hurts a lot. But now, all thanks to sensors engineered into the rear of the automobile, the Rear Cross Traffic Alert system will warn you about the approaching vehicles, looking carts Loud beeps are common place with these systems, however some cars will even mechanically brake before a collision happens. This very advance features uses the sensors and the 360° camera to analyze the surrounding and thus parks the car perfectly for you.

8) Mobile Key Another great features on which many companies are working is Mobile Key. It’s a very useful features as it allows the user to unlock their vehicle just by using some app in their Smartphone. Although, the features is only available in a very few vehicle till date. It is expected that many companies will provide it to the users soon.

9)Automatic Emergency Braking Automatic Emergency Braking or AEB uses a spread of sensors to see if a forward collision crash is impending and mechanically applies the brakes to diminish the severity or avoid a crash entirely. The automobile trade united to form AEB normal in cars by 2022, however several vehicles have it offered these days. The systems are extraordinarily smart, you fully should not trust it to prevent you it meant as a final resort for once the driving force is not listening, and system will have the interaction. AEB is thus very useful in many ways.

10) Autonomous Driving Although, this feature is already provided by many companies in past years. But, it hasn’t been that much user friendly that it should be. Many companies are working to make Autonomous (or Automatic) Driving more comfortable. Clearly, it’s all game of sensors that controls the vehicles thus, it is hoped that the sensors will be upgraded this year. So, this awesome features will help people more efficiently.