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Emerging technology trends in food packaging industry

Great things come in small packages” The saying is definitely not correct especially in Indian packaging industry per se. The packaging industry has undergone a substantial transformation over the past decade.  It would not be incorrect to say that Food packaging industry has evolved significantly. We are now using sophisticated technologies in packaging, packaging that helps to delay the process of deterioration which in turn helps to achieve longer shelf life. FMCG companies have realized the importance of packaging and consequently, they are making modest investments into their packaging division to make packaging more efficient.

Packaging addresses issues pertaining to food preservation and communication

Moving ahead of times, tetra pack carton packing has actually been one of the most remarkable inventions of its time. The innovation has made it possible to eliminate cold food chain supply for the purpose of storage and distribution. Range of food items has been rendered an extended of shelf life as a result of this invention. Packaging basically revolves around two of its eminent functions convenience and marketing. With its evolution, it is also addressing the issues related to food protection, preservation, manageability, and ease of delivery. As Food ordering and delivery is gaining popularity day by day, the packaging industry is also seeing major growth in the revenue as well as consumption. Likewise, Food Protection methods, along with ease of delivery, becomes the key concern that food delivery companies are trying to address and resolve frequently with the help of new technologies being introduced in the packaging industry.

Current and future trends in food packaging technology

Researches are being carried out to improve the packaging industry. There are methodologies being followed those rely upon the aspects of food packaging be it preservation, attractiveness or delivery. Technology that not only provides a highly reliable method for protecting and preventing food deterioration but also ensures that the damage to the environment is limited. It is flexible packaging, growing at 25%, which has actually emerged as one of the most dynamic and innovative packing formats. It constitutes multi-layered and also dynamic sheets of either simple or combined sub-states that impart a high level of strength, moisture resistance, branding and many other attributes in comparison to the rigid packaging material. Rigid packing is growing at a rate of 18%.

India’s food packaging industry is well equipped and prepared to meet innumerable challenges with constant innovations

It is the innovation, cost, and convenience which drive the food packaging industry in India. An increasing level of consumption and distribution ensures quite a steady growth of this industry. However, it is extremely crucial for the food packing companies and government to arrive at an agreement with regard to the use of multi-layer plastic material in the packaging. The Indian food packaging industry has witnessed a robust growth of around 15 to 20% a year. The ever-changing food packaging industry in India has already touched $50 billion and the major chunk (80% of this) comes from the urban market. Through the constant advancements in the field of food packing technologies/ innovations, the industry is well equipped and prepared to meet the innumerable challenges which are posed by the governance as well as the consumer demand.