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About Us

We take great pride and honor to present before you, our prestigious magazine the INDUSTRIAL BUREAU. It is published on fortnightly basis in the picturesque town of Faridabad in the northern part of India. This publication is the source or we rather consider it as the core of all the industrial information, whether it be technology, new innovations or ideas all these come under the INDUSTRIAL BUREAU. It is a rather informative collection as it presents and reviews a number of industries, their products, the quality and the material of which they are built.

The INDUSTRIAL BUREAU is being published since 1995 among all its competitors and the motivation which keeps us going is our dedication to strive to provide the best to our readers. This gives users as well as distributors all over the country in-depth information about the wide range of products that are available in the market today. It is necessary to have a bit of technical knowledge before using or selling industrial products and the INDUSTRIAL BUREAU makes sure to cover all these details so that the readers are well informed. Hence it is beneficial to all three the distributor, the seller as well as the reader. Since this is a national publication it contains industrial news from all parts of the country under a single roof and also gives industrial companies and their products a chance of increased opportunity as there is more exposure which certainly leads to more prospects.

It mainly features new products, or some of the best-selling products under various categories and sometimes even various industries functioning and future prospects which make it very appealing to the users of industrial products as well as the sellers all over the country. A great amount of thought and dedication is put in order to clarify all the doubts of the users or the industrial companies with respect to any aspect of the article that is published. Apart from a large number of paid copies of INDUSTRIAL BUREAU that are circulated all over the country, there is also a number of complimentary copies that are distributed in leading national and international exhibitions and various different kind of roadshows or any kind of major industrial event that takes places all throughout the year. This exposes the magazine to a larger audience giving them all the industrial information that they would require or could be of any help while making any kind of purchases. This is what makes the INDUSTRIAL BUREAU one of the most popular and sort after industrial magazines among all others.